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Black Fur Oem&odm 25mm Mink Lashes

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[Premium Material] Upgraded Mink Eyelashes. 4 pairs of 20mm mink lashes. 25mm Natural Long False Eyelashes 5D Mink Eyelashes. Our 25mm mink eyelashes are made with the latest materials, which are more natural and fluffy than real mink hair. Made of newly developed fiber material, it is softer and fluffier than mink hair.

3D 5D 6D artificial 20mm mink eyelashes, made of the latest upgraded materials, the effect is close to mink eyelashes. 18mm 20mm lash mink fluffy. 2 [Premium Mink Eyelashes]: Mink Eyelashes Fluffy Siberian Mink Eyelashes 22-25mm Natural False Eyelashes are ideal for moments like stage, camera, parties, clubs, etc., when you need to highlight your individuality.

We have a dedicated R&D and design team to design this model at a lower price, but wearing false eyelashes is more natural, soft, comfortable and fluffy than mink false eyelashes. Fluffy 20mm lashes. Soft, lightweight and comfortable lash extensions. 3: 100% handcrafted 20mm mink eyelash pack. Please enjoy the surprise and beauty that our false eyelashes bring to you every day. 100% Handmade 20mm Eyelash Pack 4: A full and fluffy 20mm false eyelash tray that is easy to put on and take off. With these fluffy mink lashes, your eyes will look more attractive and naturally beautiful.

Complete fluffy 20mm lash tray, easy to put on and take off 5:5: reusable ribbon lashes, 4 pairs of faux mink false lashes. With proper care, durable eyelashes can be reused more than 12 times. As long as you are not satisfied with our products, we welcome you to replace them at any time. We will listen to your suggestions and make improvements in a timely manner. (Lash set does not include false eyelash adhesive) Reusable eyelashes, 4 pairs of faux mink false eyelashes.

25mm Mink Lashes



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