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Qingdao Yuzhengda Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd

It is reported that pingdu city eyelash industry foundation is abundant.Since the 1970s, pingdu eyelash has appeared in Changle area, Dazeshan Town, Pingdu City and has been developing continuously. According to incomplete statistics, up to now, Pingdu eyelash production accounts for 70% of the world, producing more than 3,000 kinds of eyelash products of different styles and categories, with an annual output value of about 7 billion yuan and an employment of more than 50,000 people.


In recent years, pingdu eyelash enterprise not only sells on domestic e-commerce platforms , but also actively carries out cross-border e-commerce business with the help of international websites such as Alibaba International Website and World Factory, which further improves the visibility of the enterprise and products and enhances the market competitive advantage.


Innovation has also become an important driving force for the flatness eyelash industry.Up to now, Pingdu eyelash enterprise has applied for a total of 45 authorized patents, of which 26 have been authorized patents, including 1 invention patent, 25 new utility patents.


The evaluation group spoke highly of pingdu eyelash industry's advantages in featured goods, production capacity, process quality, industrial agglomeration and geographical location, and fully affirmed Qingdao's policies and measures to support the development of eyelash industry.


"After relevant procedures, the industrial base will be officially awarded and named by the State Light Industry Federation."The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology said that, in the next step, the municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology will work with the relevant units of Pingdu City to earnestly implement the recommendations of the experts of the evaluation group, promote pingdu eyelash industry to strengthen standards, improve quality, build brands, and create a world-class beauty cosmetics industry base.


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